Below are some of my personal projects / demos I have worked on in the past

Bulma Block List

SCSS package available on npm

A simple scss package extending Bulma with block style list elements.

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Project Name Generator

Android App

An android app that allows you to generate project names for your work or side projects, using starting letter, randomising a word and by category.

Ionic Framework Angular Cordova TypeScript SCSS JavaScript ES6 WebPack
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Vue Games

A side project where I wanted to make some games. So far I have created Noughts and Crosses with other games on the way soon.

Vue.js Bulma CSS Framework SCSS JavaScript ES6 WebPack
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Times Tables

A simple showcase of using Vue.js 2 to make an interactive times table quiz.

Vue.js Bulma CSS Framework SCSS JavaScript ES6 WebPack
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Choosing A Mac

I’ve made a simple web app to help people choose which Mac best suits their needs. It’s simple to use, with easy to answer questions. It’s a simple showcase of what can be achieved using a bit of HTML and JavaScript.

jQuery Foundation 6
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How NOT to make a website

How NOT to make a Website

By C.S. Rhymes

From £8.99

Nigel's Intranet Adventure

Nigel's Intranet Adventure

By C.S. Rhymes

From £2.69