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Creating a promo page

Promo Pages


A promo page is designed as a standalone landing page to promote something, such as a new product. The example promo page has been designed to promote a book, but it can be used for any product as it is very customisable.

View promo page demo

Creating a promo page

To create a promo page, set the layout as promo-page in the page’s front matter.

title: My promo page title
layout: promo-page


The snippet appears in the hero. It gives you a chance to write a short description about what you are promoting. It can be written in markdown format as per the below example.

title: My promo page title
layout: promo-page
snippet: |-
    This is my snippet about my promo.

    This is some more detail.

The hero link is your main call to action on the page.

This could link to a product page, or where you are selling your product, (such as Amazon, eBay, etc.). Set the hero_link to where you want the visitor to be sent to, then set the hero_link_text to what the button text should say.

title: My promo page title
layout: promo-page
hero_link: 'https://my-hero-link.example'
hero_link_text: Buy now!

Hero image

Unlike standard pages, the hero_image on a promo page doesn’t cover the whole hero as a background. Instead, this is used to show an image of the product you are promoting.

Ensure you set the hero_image_alt text for improved accessibility to explain what the image contains.

You can also set the image ratio to best suit your needs. The default is is-4by3 but can be set to any of bulma’s image ratio classes.

title: My promo page title
layout: promo-page
hero_image: https://picsum.photos/id/171/800/1000
hero_image_alt: The hero image alt text
hero_image_ratio: is-4by5


Reviews work the same as for product reviews. Set the product_code in the promo page’s front matter and it will then display the reviews for the product.

title: My promo page title
layout: promo-page
product_code: ABC123


The default newsletter.html include file does not work. It is a placeholder only!

You can insert your own newsletter sign-up form by creating a new html file in _includes/newsletter.html.

You then need to paste in your own sign-form from your provider of choice, such as mailchimp, etc. into the _includes/newsletter.html file.

About section

The about section allows you to provide a bit more background information. For example, if you were selling a book, then you could write about the author.

The heading is set using the about_title.

The image is set using the about_image, with the alternative text set using about_image_alt.

about_image: https://i.pravatar.cc/400?img=24
about_image_alt: The about image alt text
about_title: About the author

The main content of the page, i.e. the content not in the front matter, will be used to populate the content for the about section.