How NOT to make a Website

By C.S. Rhymes

How NOT to make a Website

By C.S. Rhymes



This book is aimed at website beginners, not developers

Perfect for business owners and website owners

Written in a non technical way with easy to understand examples

Helps you understand how to make the right decisions when planning, designing and building your website

Provides advice on improving user experience and getting your site found in search engines


I was looking at the books on the Kindle Store and noticed that many of them had very similar titles, such as “10 ways to promote your site”, or “Easy ways of getting to the top of search engines”.

This gave me the idea to write a book from a different angle, to stand out from the crowd, but also to help people avoid some of the common mistakes I have observed over my years of web development and browsing.

I decided to write a book called “How NOT to make a website”, to help you understand what to avoid when making a site to help improve your visitors experience.

My book “How NOT to make a website” is available from the Amazon Kindle store.