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Packing up the boxes

Published: Jan 14, 2018 by C.S. Rhymes

The tape was on the side next to the scissors. The tape was running low but there was still so much to do.

Torn off bits of news paper and bubble wrap littered the floor, the evidence of their previous actions clear for all to see. Valuables, both in terms of value and shared memories, had been carefully wrapped up and covered in tape before being slotted into the space in the boxes, ready for their new start.

It was hard to move around the boxes, filling the living space, taking more room now than when their contents were held within the furniture, despite being packed as carefully as possible. Boxes being stacked on top of boxes, almost touching the ceiling.

Drawers being emptied leading to long lost items being found, before being packed away once again, hoping to be found and used once more when they reach their new destination. The new destination was at the back of everyone’s mind right now, a small gleam of hope, being pushed out of focus by the task at hand.

The once large stack of flatpacked boxes was getting smaller and smaller. Each box taken off the top of the pile was reshaped with the bottom being retaped before being filled and the top sealed ready for transit. The contents of the box were summed up by a couple of words hastily written on top. One by one they were taken, until one box remained.

The last box was ready to go. This one was used to mop up any remaining bits and pieces that weren’t easily sortable into one room or category. This box wasn’t carefully wrapped. There wasn’t time for that. Items were thrown in, piled up on top of each other, pushed down, before the last piece of tape was used to seal up the box.

The packing was done, but that was only half the job. The boxes were carried out of the house onto the van, slowly emptying the living space. Once all the boxes were out they took one last walk around the empty space, looking at the marks in the carpet where the furniture once stood.

Happy memories were made in that house, but now it was time for a new chapter, a new start.

The empty space was ready for another family to move into and make their own memories, unpack their own boxes of belongings and furniture, making the empty space into their home.


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