Christmas is the season of giving

Dec 10, 2014


Everyone loves a freebie, especially at Christmas. That’s why I’ve decided to make my books free on the 25th December.

How NOT to make a website

If you run your own website, why not take an hour out from the Christmas presents, Christmas dinner and Christmas films on TV and have a read of “How NOT to make a Website”.

The book is written in a non technical way to help you get the most out of your website and improve your visitors experience. Hopefully the book will give you ideas and motivation to improve your website ready for the new start in the new year.

Buy this book on Amazon UK

How NOT to use a Smartphone

This book is perfect for you if you get given your first smartphone for Christmas. Take a read and find out about the differences between smartphones and operating systems, as well as the common touch screen controls and apps.

This easy to read and non technical guide will put you in good stead for years of future smartphone use.

Buy this book on Amazon UK

Let me know what you think

Why not leave a review on the Amazon kindle store or tweet me on twitter @chrisrhymes.

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